Printed advertising campaigns:


Create restaurant-style meals for two with Saclà, pronto!

A unique, vibrant combination of roasted red & yellow capsicums, sweet dried figs, crunchy hazelnuts & authentic pecorino romano cheese.

Communication Saclà- 2015


The new export print campaign to depict Saclà passion for freshness, authenticity and ingredients.


“Saclà, emozionarsi di bontà”

the Italian TV campaign to enter in the Saclà world: a world of people, colours, fun and above all passion for food. Watch the video >

Communication Saclà- 2011

L’Arte di Saclà

The export print campaign literally depicts the Saclà flavours and ingredients under the concept of L’Arte di Saclà through highly intriguing images on plate.
With this new way of communicating, Saclà confirm its positioning as a contemporary food company with its range of premium pestos, pasta sauces, bruschettina and antipasti.

Communication Saclà- 2009


The latest TV communication strategy in the UK is called “percussion” and it is focused on the Saclà brand and, of course, on pesto!


Bei Tipi

2007 is signed by the launch of the innovative Italian range of oven-baked tomatoes Bei Tipi.
(See the videos >> Spot 1 / Spot 2 / Spot 3)


L´Arte di Saclà

In 2005 Saclà launched its new global communication strategy across Europe. The new commercial is targeted at a cosmopolitan audience and reflects the contemporary nature of the Saclà brand. “L’Arte di Saclà” shows an artist and his hedonistic food experience glorified through a passionate painting. Accompanied by music composed by famed creator John Altman, the music perfectly complements, the art, the food and the experience leaving listeners captivated. The printed campaign literally depicts the Saclà world of flavours and ingredients through three highly intriguing images.

Communication Saclà- 2005

They make you feel like a king…

From 2004 the Italian communication is focused on the grilled vegetables. The starting point of this communication is again the goodness of the vegetables used by SACLÀ. The concept is still the same…they make you feel like a king… the set is a family eating around the table. After eating SACLÀ, the parents start talking to the children in a refined way, like royals. The children try to bring them back to reality but at the end they have to hide the SACLÀ grilled vegetables.

Communication Saclà- 2004

Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy

Since the mid-Nineties communication strategies have been adapted specifically for the individual countries where the company exports its products. Since 2002 – SACLÀ has extensively invested in media support and advertising. One of the past television adverts featured Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, the ‘crown-prince’ of Italy. A surprising choice for a simple concept: the idea behind the ad was that Saclà specialities are so good that they make you feel like a king.

Communication Saclà- 2002


Then, in the early Nineties, it was the turn of famous actor Paolo Villaggio to declare he was “completely addicted to Saclà pickles/vegetables in oil”. The campaign, created by Testa advertising agency, represented a valuable support to consolidate the leadership achieved in the sector of pickles and olives and to increase the market share of vegetables in oil, a high-growth market.

Communication Saclà- 1990s


The Eighties saw the launch of a new campaign highlighting the quality of the raw materials used and the careful preparation of Saclà products; the new corporate image created by Young & Rubicam was accompanied by the cartoon strip “Benedetto Saclà; the best flavours straight from your vegetable garden”.

Communication Saclà- 1980s


In the following decade, Acetelli were supported by the Italian actress Sandra Milo who, in a TV campaign aimed at promoting the innovative low-acid pickled product, wittily asked the public, “I always Acetello, and you?”.

Communication Saclà- 1970s


Saclà, n°1 in Italy for olives, pickles and vegetables in oil, was one of the first food companies in Italy to advertise on TV in the 60’s. “Olivolì Olivolà Olivolì Olive Saclà” was the successful jingle accompanying the launch of the new pitted olives in the practical plastic “olipak” packaging in the sixties. This new product and it’s effective advertising campaign – created by Repetto agency – brought the Saclà trademark great fame in Italy and was the foundation of the image by which consumers still remember the company to this day.

Communication Saclà- 1960s